IRA Project Update 11/21/13

After reading through everyone’s comments on my project prototype, it seems like the major comments have to do with site layout and legends for maps/graphs.

As far as the site layout goes, someone suggested that I have one page with the site map on it, rather than a site map on each main page.  I’m honestly not sure how I want to do that, so if anyone has any opinions about that let me know.

Additionally, I’m using Apple iWeb to design my site because it was far more user-friendly than DreamWeaver and RapidWeaver.  If anyone knows of a way to make drop down menus in iWeb and can point me in the right direction, that would be awesome.  I’ve search for a solution myself, but I can’t find anything, so I’m not sure the program has that capability.

As far as the legends go, I don’t know whether or not I have another way to showcase them without taking up as much space on the page as the actual embedded PowerPoint.  If anyone knows of a widget or something that I can use to create a much smaller version of the legends for use on my page, I would really appreciate it.  I’m not entirely satisfied with it either, but I don’t know if I have a lot of options.

Also, someone actually suggested something for my research and not just my website.  I never even thought of this, but opponents of the act use the word “Cherokee” more often while supporters use “Indians.”  Racialization, am I right?  I didn’t even notice it.  So kudos to that person.  They know who they are.


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