IRA Project Update 11/5/13

For some reason my project has been coming together fairly nicely in the last week or so. I finished the majority of my textual analysis (I decided to rely primarily upon word clouds) and am almost finished with the geospatial analysis.  I also managed to put together a significant portion of my website and put it up online.  All I have to do now (fingers crossed) is add the geospatial analysis I’ve done on ArcGIS and type up the explanations of how my analysis at least partially supports my argument.

You can access my website and take a look at it in rough form here.

I would really appreciate any early critiques you might have, so be sure to comment if you have any ideas for me.


2 thoughts on “IRA Project Update 11/5/13

  1. I have two suggestions after viewing the ‘About the 21st Congress’ section of your iweb page, First, inform readers whether the pie charts represent percentages, or raw data numbers. Secondly, you might consider creating hyperlinks instead of users having to copy and paste URLs for Congressional biographies.

    • I’ll be adding a methodology section that will explain how the charts, etc. were made that will take of that. I spent roughly four hours trying to create hyperlinks for the Congressional biographies before I found out that the Google Earth Gadget that you have to use to place your KML file on your website doesn’t have that capability. The hyperlinks work in the actual Google Earth program. I even had a version that had a hyperlink that said “Biography of [Whichever Congressman]” that I thought was going to look pretty good. It didn’t work, so I had to switch back to the full URL for each marker so that people could at least navigate to the URL. I’m not sure why the Gadget doesn’t work that way, but it doesn’t.

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